image002In the News... Vimbai Muntinhiri and Zainab Balogun Say Fabulous in Resort. The Ab-Fab(Absolutely Fabulous) days are here again and we get swooned when our favorite celebrities and socialites get photographed in pieces that just hit runway or a lookbook. Today's resort menu is from Nigerian designers, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and Wana Sambo served by two dashing African television beauties, Vimbai and Zainab.

Vimbai Muntinhiri in Wana Sambo Resort 2015

image001Vimbai looks mega watts of Amazing! The colour completely compliments her skin tone, the styling is so spot on. The only issue with this stunning peach dress is that it flattens her breast and does no justice to her bust in anyway. Its too tight and sometimes that can be unflattering. I love both presentations but I'm more stunned by that of the lookbook. A total resurgence of ease and evening glamour.

Zainab Balogun In Ejiro Amos Tafiri Resort 2014

Zainab-Balogun IN EJIRO AMOS TAFIRIThe lookbook presentation was obviously more showmageddon than the red carpet look and I honestly think it looked better on the model than it did on Zainab just because it played a beautiful contrast against her skin. Regardless, I love how she distilled this look like a skilled reductionist. She served us a heavy dose of old glamour in a contemporary way. Its simple yet super-super sophisticated and her makeup is nothing short of one word, flawless!

It's up to you readers, whose resort look are we loving!